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About us

In the beginning was the advertiser who used the publisher's website to market their product on those sites.

Annoying and often unwanted, the advertiser tracked the user until he got every little detail.

Therefore, he deservedly entered the ranks of Voldemort, Darth Vader and the Joker – very likely with similar cruel nature, multiple personality and pale skin.
As we didn’t have a wand, a lightsaber nor a strong searchlight, we thought of something else to bring those villains to their knees.

We want more for less. or: How content conquers a nation

Our Plan: Providing space for talent and ideas, which brings together those who are meant to be together. Our platform allows content artists to express themselves and enable content fans to find what brings them further - no matter if spiritual, professional or just for enjoying great entertainment. But we are not willing to give Big Brother and big online stores any more details than they already have.

For this reason: We want more content for less advertisement.

Actually, no advertisement… really absolute none.

So that the work of podcasters, website owners, bloggers or authors are advertisement- and influence-free.

Instead we provide our platform - a place to exchange, to support and to create - outstanding content, for outstanding people, joined in the Content Nation - where villains only appear in the form of really good characters - in stories or podcasts, made possible through the support of their fans!

Who are we?

Sascha Nitsch

Founder, Main developer and driving force behind Content Nation.
Multiple decades experience in Software Development and operation of internet based Systems, for example a few of those evil advertising systems, that we try to fight a bit. A lot more details under background infos.

Various Freelancers

Additionally we hire a few freelancers on demand.

What do we live on?

Our only source of income in the Content Nation is the small 7% fee on payout. The hosting of the content, support and the hopefully happy reads don't generate any income. Just a quick reminder: No ads, no tracking, no profiling.