What is Content Nation?

In compact

Content Nation is
  • A free blogging platform, without ads, tracking, profiling and other things that users.
  • A crowdfunding platform, to support people and projects.
  • A platform for building communities via social media functions.

A bit more detailed

Content Nation is a platform for everyone, who wants to create, find and enjoy content.

For Creators, Creatives and Artists

You and your content first

  • Create, publish and share your content – easily and straigtforward. No matter if text, images or audio.
  • Your content belongs to you!
  • All data and content is protected on German servers.
  • If you want, you can publish your content without revealing your name. *
  • We neither track nor annoy you with advertisements.
  • Get finanancial support from our secure donation service.
* For legal reason we must know it, but only government agency can request it in special cases

Lots of automatic functions

  • You can concentrate on what you do best: Your content.
  • We take care of good visibility in search engines.
  • Get found from people that value your content.
  • Easy sharing function for social networks.
    But who need them, if you have Content Nation :)
  • Recommendation function from and to thematically similar content.

Create a community for your favourite topic

  • You can create own chat rooms in the content nation chat.
  • As a content artist let your groupies and homies talk to you.
  • All community functions are free.

For readers and communities

A thrilling search function

  • Use our search to those artists and authors who match your interest
  • Get suggestions directly below an article to other articles with a similar topic

You don't buy the pig in a poke on Content Nation

  • In generall, you don't buy anything. All content is can be read without registration and free of charge.
  • Take your time to look around.
  • Support the authors, creatives or artist who inspire you, using our secure donation system.

Extra convenience functions after free registration

After the free registration (Email + password is enough) you get access to great convience functions.
  • Access to chatrooms including direct messages to your favourite author, creator or other members.
  • Subscribe to your favourite authors or creators and get messagen when they post new content.
  • Tell your favourite creator your thoughts and ideas.
  • Lots of great functions in preparation.

For website owners

Use Content Nation as an alternative to Advertisements

Your site annoys your visitors with cookie banners, long privacy texts and you are tired of ad incomes of a few Cents per month, despite (or because of) annoying users?
  • Get rid of the Ads and create a static banner to your Content Nation profile.
  • Get financial support through direct donations over Content Nation.
  • Use the Community-Funktions for user interaction and get rid of the services from the other side of the pond.
  • Use the OAuth funktions of Content Nation for data saving user logins. *
  • Integrate the Content Nation function of content recommendations and get found. *
* functionality in testing state, get in contact if interesested.