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Support your favorite artists

With Content Nation you can support your favorite artists in various ways, which of those ways are enabled is descided by the artists.

What ways are supported?

Financial support

When enabled, you can support my sending money. You load your Content Nation account with a few Euro and distribute this to your favorite artists.
Similar to a pre-paid mobile service. Your supported artists gets 93% of your distributed money.
Content Nation and the used payment provider shares the remaining 7%.

Join an existing community

One or more of your favorite artists already has a content Nation community? Join it, it is free. If you already have a Matrix compatible account, you can use this to join the chat room(s). Or you create a Content Nation account, a matrix chat account is included. Of caus you can use this you can join other matrix chat rooms and can get rid of your closed source and proprietary messenger.

Create a community

Your favourite artists does not have a Content Nation community yet? Or one with stupid privacy rules (a.k.a. none)? Create a fan-community!
Everyone with a complete verified Content Nation account can create profiles and chat-rooms.
This can be a fan site for your favourite band, a game or local bar.
As long as you don't violate intelectual properties (logos, images, a.s.o), we are fine with that.
Of course the community can opened by the artists themself, ask them. You can join as a moderator or so.

Share content from your favourite artists

Using the sharing function on every post increases the reach of the artists. This works with many commercial island-solutions like Facebook, as well as with the way better Fediverse-network without beeing resticted to a special provider.

Communicate over the Fediverse

Another feature on every Content Nation profile is the automatic Fediverse-integration. By using this you can follow the artists with every Mastodon, Peertube, Soundwave a.s.o. account, share their content a.s.o. Even without an Content Nation account.
Of course we support direct message from the Fediverse.

Became interested?

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