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A complete list of Content Nation features

Here is a list of all Content Nation features.

Features for readers

Readers without registration:

  • Content visually easy to read.
  • Page automatically adjust to various screen sizes.
  • Content can be shared easily on various platforms.
  • Powerful search function for content.
  • Search via tags.
  • Content bases suggestions for similar articles.
  • No Consent-Boxes, Cookie-Approval and similar.
  • No ads.
  • No tracking.
  • No profile generation.
  • No paywalls.
  • No "donate X and you get more content".
  • Highlight and comment text on the page, including save for later.
  • Digital signing of content and publication data.
  • RSS and Atom Newsfeeds.
  • Read aloud function for the article content

Additional features for readers with free registration

  • Subscribe to profiles and get notification on new content.
  • Access to the worldwide Matrix chat network.
  • Donate money to one or more authors.
  • One-time donations or monthly possible.
  • Anonymous donations possible.
  • Highlight and comment text feature can be saved on server and shared.

Fediverse Integration (Beta)

  • Reads also can follow authors via the Fediverse integration, Fediverse handle is in the left side bar.
  • New Article are directly listed in the news feed.

Hosting of Git repositories

  • Host your own git repositoires auf
  • Free to use
  • Read access without login
  • Write access for own project included in the free registration on Content Nation

Features for Authors

  • Free registration.
  • Free content publishing.
  • No follow up costs.
  • Easy creation of profiles and content.
  • Easy to use What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor, no complex WIKI-syntax.
  • Optional text blocks for importing Markdown texts (from legacy WIKI content).
  • Various template-blocks can be added via  drag&drop.
  • Various plugins available (e.g. for Image galleries, large images, more on request).
  • Automatically generation of various meta-information for search engines ( and social media (open graph tags) for optimum placement in search results.
  • Automatic tag-suggestions based on content.
  • Create chat rooms in the global Matrix network and get in contact with your readers.
  • Automatic content suggestions to and, most important, from similar articles compared to your own article.
  • Digital signing of content and publication data.

Features for completely validated authors

  • You can collect money with the platform.
  • Small fees for this service (7% including all costs).

Fediverse Integration (Beta)

  • Every profile can be found in the Fediverse automatically and can be followed.
  • Direct messages are supported, direct communication is possible.
  • Number of followers will be counted as well.
  • Automatic follower notification of new articles.

Features for web site owners

  • Content Nation can be used as a replacement for the current, tracking ads, just replace them with a static image to your profile and collect money that way.
  • Generate more audience visibility and find additional reads with a second publication on Content Nation.

Features for content-creators that already publish in different media forms

  • Publish transcripts additionally to your video or podcast.
  • Add additional content to "the one sentence" on Instagram, complete articles with more text, background info or similar.
  • Of course you are allowed to link to your original podcast, video or similar.
  • Connect to the Fediverse.
  • Build communities by using the Matrix chat network.
  • You have more information, like references, than space on your video or podcast platform?

For Scientists

  • Perfect for small publication, not worth the massive work a complete paper creates.
  • Different target audience: Regular people that are interested in your topic, but have no access or needed background information for your scientific paper.
  • Interesting or read worthy background information about your ongoing research or things "every good scientists know, but a normal person not".

Coming soon

  • Content Nation as Login-Provider, an alternative to data collectors like "Login mit Facebook/Google"..
  • Similar content suggestion function for external web sites, like the one you see on Content Nation.

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