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How to follow a creator in the Fediverse

One of the features of is the (partial) Fediverse integration.
This means you can follow a creator on the platform itself with a free account or in the Fediverse
without an local account, or both.
The account gives you some benefits, but either way works.

So how to subscribe to a user?

If you know what the Fediverse is, you probably don't need an explaination, but for the other readers a short excursion:

The Fediverse is a group of sites or services that speak a common language (technical server to server stuff) so that those
services work together. The services are federated, meaning they each are controlled by different people independently.
One positive or negative side effect, depending on your view, is that you need an account for each domain that you want to use
a service on.
A few popular service examples are Mastodon (Twitter alternative) or Peertube (Youtube alternative) and popular
in near future: Content Nation Blogging and Crowdfunding.
The services like Mastodon can be hosted by anyone and to use it, you need to make an account on the service instance you
want to use (usually defined by the domain name).
The result is that your username is @username@domain_of_the_service .
Usernames alone are not unique.

How to continued

Now, if you have an account on any server(domain) in the Fediverse, you search for and you
will see an option to follow this user/group. Depending on the service you use, the display is a bit different, but in the end
there will be a follow button.

Just press it and you will see new articles from the creator in the newsfeed of that service.

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