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External Fediverse Content

Content Nation now has a beta-Support for external Fediverse Content.
There are multiple ways to access it:

  • By using the search function 1
  • By the Creators view by using the "Fediverse-Import" category for already discovered Profiles/Users 1
  • By following a user (requires a Content Nation account)

(1) This only works for content or users that have been previously seen, due to the distributed nature of the Fediverse or if someone follows a user, this will be automatically fetched and integrated into the search.

For now, only toots and shared toots (retoots) are supported (those types created by Mastodon), but more content types are being worked on.
If you want some special types to go higher on the priority list, drop us a message via our help matrix channel "", via E-mail or a Fediverse direct message to "".

To search for a Fediverse user, go to the creators page and enter "@username@fediverse.instance", from there you can browse their content.
This works for everyone, not only logged in users.
If you are logged in, you can follow them as well to see further post, similar to the local posts here on Content Nation.
And of course, this works the other way around, Fediverse users can follow the content you post here on Content Nation. Needed handles are on the left side in the gray box, like "".


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