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6. FAQ - Content-Artist

You as a Content Artist - How does it work?

You want to present your content in one place without the need of advertisement?
Use your Content Nation profile to show your stuff – easily and straightforward.
The display of your content can be altered – thereby enabling you to stand out from the crowd. (see 6.3 customize your profile.).
You just need to show us, that you are really you (see 9.) then start uploading your masterpieces.
All registered Content Nation users have the opportunity to support you, either through the exchange of information/ ideas or in a financial way.
All financial revenue which you get from others will be directly transferred to your Content Nation account.
You can either let the money be paid out or support other artists with it.
If you decide for the pay out, the amount will be transferred on your bank account provided under settings (less 7% for the maintenance of Content Nation).

6.1 Your Content Nation Profile

On Content Nation you have the opportunity to present you and your content.
For this purpose, you can create one or more profiles.
Under Your Nation on the top right (after log-in) you will find the button +Create New Profile.
Click on it, name your profile and abracadabra, done! Afterwards you can get crazy on you own site. How that works you read below.

6.2 How does your Profile look like?

All profiles have a basic structure. On top of the site is a banner and on the left the logo of each artist.
The left column, that is also shown on all article pages, also contains the artist’s name, a brief description and the location.
Below you find two buttons for subscription and support of the artist.
On the right side you find the messaging options. Your fans can use them to get in contact with you.
You can for instance tell the visitor why you are doing what you are doing, what is important to you or your own little story.
At the end we suggest to encourage your fans to support you – practically your individual call-to-action.

6.3 How can I customize my Profile?

We from Content Nation count on individuality.
That’s why we offer an easy Content-Management-System for your site’s individual needs.
So that those who you want to reach are appealed by your site.

After creating your profile, you are free to editing it. Click on edit profile in the right corner on the respective profile site.
By doing so, two customisation options are available:

  • Firstly, a menu opens. There you can:
    • decide if your profile is offline or bring it online and all user will see it
    • decide if other can see the amount of your subscribers and supporters
    • determine categories under which other people can find your profile
  • Your logo, your banner and your texts. Just like you want it!

6.4 Profiles of other Users

All profiles can be find under profiles (centred on top in the main menu).
There you find all profiles with their logos in the respective categories.
You can find profiles directly via our search, browse through the tag-search or take a detour through individual categories.

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