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FAQ - Login

1. How does the registration work?

That is easy. There is a registration link on the top right. Just click on it, fill in two things and done.

2. Can I look around without registration?

Yes, you can. And you should. All profiles and content are open for everyone.

3. What are the advantages of a registration?

After registration it is possible for you to exchange ideas with your favorite artists as well as financially support them.

Registered users can also subscribe to artists’ profiles. You can decide what this exactly means:

  • You are able to see all the new stuff on your dashboard.
  • Artists can also send you updates via email or in your Content Nation- Inbox
You decide – everything is optional!

If you want to become a Content Artist, please read article 6. and article 8.

4. Your Dashboard? What’s this?

After logging in, the first site you see is your dashboard.

There you find a list of all subscribed artists, their newest stuff as well as similar artists and content.

5. Content Artist Subscription

You can subscribe to various artists’ profiles. To do this, click on the respective profile site or article on the button Subscribe (centered on the left). All of your subscriptions are then available under Contents (menu bar).

If you want to get messages and emails if your subscribed Content Artist uploaded something new, you can enable email notification in the settings.

If you are tired of a specific subscription, click on unsubscribe in the profile page or article in the left center.

Click to get to FAQ - Content-Artist

Still haven’t enough of us?

Thank god! If you have questions, comments or ideas, write us. But be prepared to get an answer from us.

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