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FAQ - Support

7. Support of a Content Artist

Registered Users can support others by exchanging ideas or help in a financial way.

For creative exchange with an artist, send him a message. Click on the button message in the respective profile or any article page.

For financial support just charge your Content Nation account with any amount. (see 8.).

Under settings you can determine how much you want to give whom – periodically, one-time, give it to one or 10 artists, 10 cent or 10 Euro, you decide. And you can change anything anytime.

If you like it more anonymously, just support an artist without telling your name and tick the box Support anonymously while donating.

Immediately enthusiastic about an artist? Then click on the Support button on the artist’s profile and help him, so that he or she can carry on his or her work in an independent way. There you can also determine, which amount the artist receives and how often.

You would like to tell the artist why you support him as well?
Is it important for you that the artist exactly knows why he received your support? Great!
Every time you support an artist financially, you get the chance to tell him what you like most about his or her work. Or you tell the artist what stuff you would like to see and read more about.

Feedback is welcomed on Content Nation!

8. Payment and Charging your Account

Giving financial support can only happen after registration (but don’t worry, it is simple, it doesn’t hurt and you definitely won’t receive a knife block as a present) and a few details about you.

If you want to support content artists, just register, charge your account with a few coins and get started!

We currently only offer payment via bank transfer and credit card. The advantage is that the artist can receive nearly the whole amount.

The amount is approx. 24 hours after transfer available on your Content Nation account.

9. Why and when do you have to show us your best side or an invoice?

In order to ensure, that you firstly, are really you and secondly, have no affinity with illegal Swiss bank transactions or money cleaning facilities, we need your identity card for identification.
We only check the authenticity of your stated personal information, nothing else.

If you only want to publish content without receiving money, you can use the simpler invoice check. We use that to see that your name matches your given address It does not matter if it is your phone, power or your new couch.

We are forced by law to do this, even if we have no interest in that.

This can easily be done under settings and afterwards you can receive financial support and publish content.

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Still haven’t enough of us?

Thank god! If you have questions, comments or ideas, write us. But be prepared to get an answer from us.

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