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Mandatory information for money transactions

Sadly, we are forced by Anti-Terror-Financing and Anti-Money-Laundry laws to know who you are when you send or receive money on Content Nation.
We also need some personal data from you, so that you can publish content.

It's stupid, but we can't change that.

In your settings under "Your Nation" pick the point "personal data":

Depending on what you want to do on Content Nation, we need some Details. Those needed are marked with an asterix on the right.

For Example, if you want to donate money, we need your name, the country you are living in, the country of you passport, as well as your birthday.
This is not our idea, the is needed by law :(

After successfull transmit of the bank data or passport to our payment provider Mangopay, we imidiatly delete this from our servers.
As soon as the payment provider checked the information, your account will be opened completely and you can publish content and collect money.

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