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CIMDIT: Frequently asked questions

Since the project was started, I got a few requests, here are some of them:

Q: Do I have ready made boards to sell
A: No, it does not make financial sense to build/have them built and stock pile them. Shipping is just too expensive. You can build 5 boards and ship them from China for less than I would pay for shipping alone. Plus time, package material a.s.o. Also it is designed to be built on experimental perf boards, so quite easy to solder.

Q: What are those key caps?
A: They are called double layer key caps or relegendable key caps. Often used in Point-Of-Sales terminals. Can be put on most Cherry MX style keys.

Q: Can I have more axis than on the example?
A: Yes, without software or hardware change you can have up to 16 analog inputs, so if you use the 3-axis joystick, you can have up to 13.

Q: Can I add a cup holder or coffee mug warmer?
A: Sure, the FreeCAD files for my designs are in the git repo. Go ahead and modify it. But for a proper cup holder I would suggest a search for an old CD- or DVD drive. Has more style. There are ready made coffee warmer with USB port, so I see no issue with that. Not sure how stable the PLA from the 3D print is with such a hot plate

Q: Can I have a picture from the inside?
A: No, I'm afraid to open that thing, it's overfilled and only closable with force. It's ugly and a mess of cables.

Q: Where can I download the files?
A: All sources, KiCAD files, as well as the FreeCAD file for my 3D-printed design are in the git repo.

Q: Do I accept pull requests?
A: Sure, if it fits the general build and looks sane.

Q: Will there more profiles examples to copy/paste
A: Yes, as soon as I'm happy with one, I'll upload it to the git repo. If you got one for a special app, send it over, I'll include it.

Q: What is the best way to contact me?
A: You can use the official chat channel here, see link on the right. A Matrix account is needed, you will get one with a Content Nation account, but any of the thousands services out there will do. Also using the fediverse handle will work. And finally E-Mail is grumpydevelop at this domain. A more in-depth info about what the fediverse is:

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