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Publish Your Content With Content Nation

It's Straight Forward

With Content Nation, you edit your content directly on the website via an editor that shows you the result right away.
No awkward wiki syntax or crossing your fingers that it looks appropriate.

Various Templates

You can compose your content from templates, you want a text for a section two-columned? No problem.
You have an existing content from a wiki? No problem, just insert syntax, simply tell the system:
Hey, this is WIKI syntax and the rest will do Content Nation.

Content Syndication

You already have a blog, contact us and we'll set up an automatic import.
As soon as you publish something there, there will be a copy on Content Nation.
Also ideal if you want to shut down your old blog and all 1000 pages should be automatically should be taken over.


With every Content Nation profile there is also the Fediverse integration included.
So anyone with e.g. a Mastodon, Pixelfed, PeerTube, Funkwhale, Lemmy, etc. account can follow you and gets an info when you publish something new.


Via Content Nation you can build your community, e.g. by setting up matrix chat groups.
(Comparable to WhatsApp, Signal, Discord, only open source, decentralized and without forced account with a provider).

Many Other Advantages

You can get a list of all the features at All the features of Content Nation