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Use Case: Podcaster

You are a podcaster, produce your podcast and publish on streaming platforms like Itunes or Spotify?

Then you probably know the problems:

  • Low request numbers, are you happy if your podcasts are heard a few hundred times?
  • The ridiculous advertising revenue that your marketer brings you?
  • Followed by the annoying consent and cookie dialog boxes that got you into advertising, not to forget the huge data privacy documents? can be your solution

  • Use Content Nation to get additional revenue with financial support from your fans.
  • Content Nation allows you to publish articles for free, e.g. with further background information that you already accrued during your research.
  • Pictures and links to your podcasts (with streaming providers) in the article are of course allowed.
  • A once recorded jingle is quickly inserted via copy / paste. "Support us on" and it's done.
  • Increase your reach and podcast views with additional text content that will point to your podcasts.
  • Collecting money with Content Nation is simple and transparent. All withdrawals are subject to a 7% CN fee, all inclusive.
Other important features
  • No advertising on the Content Nation website.
  • No tracking of visitors to the site.
  • No annoying cookies or consent boxes.
  • Good visibility in search engines.
  • No paywalls, all content can be viewed by everyone.
  • Contacting your fans via internal messaging.
  • Use Content Nation to help your content be found.
So what are you waiting for to become part of the Content Nation