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Use case: website operator

Do you have your own website?

Then you probably know the problem of the high ad blocker rate and ridiculous advertising revenue. Followed by the annoying consent and cookie dialog boxes that got you into advertising, not to forget the huge data privacy documents?

Direct inquiries to companies for advertising are only negatively answered, if at all? can be your solution

  • Use Content Nation to get additional revenue with financial support from your fans.
  • You build a static advertising block that refers to your Content Nation profile, where you can describe why and what you would like to have money for.
  • Throw out the annoying trackers and consent popups from your website, reduce your data protection documents and delight your visitors with the content, the best thing you can do
  • Collecting money with Content Nation is simple and transparent. All withdrawals are subject to a 7% CN fee, all inclusive.
Other features that are cool but probably won't help you directly :(
  • Content Nation allows you to publish articles for free.
  • Images in the article are of course allowed.
  • No advertising on the Content Nation website.
  • No tracking of visitors to the site.
  • No annoying cookies or consent boxes.
  • Good visibility in search engines.
  • No paywalls, all content can be viewed by everyone.
  • Contacting your fans via internal messaging.
So what are you waiting for to become part of the Content Nation