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New Feature: hosted git repositories

We added a new function to Content Nation: A git repository hosting service, primary intended for adding and hosting the source code for your project that you will hopefully describe in full details on Content Nation.

It is free to be used by all Content Nation members, but restricted to open source projects. This is not intended for private or non-public projects.

It uses a Content Nation feature for remote Authentication against Content Nation called OpenID. This means you'll use Content Nation for logging in and access, no additional usernames or password needed.

You will want to add your ssh in your profile settings, authentication with password will not work, since the service does not store passwords in the first place.

We are using gitea as a hosting software, it's open source, has all the feature we need. If you find any issues, contact us or if you think, it a software bug, please contact the developers at https://gitea.io/en-us/

Why not use an existing service like github, gitlab or similar?

Those services are run by companies outside of the EU, they track users or I personally don't like some the companies behind them.
Some have self-hosted options, but their dependencies and technology stack creates issues or strong allergic reactions here.

So gitea was chosen, because it is supported by the distro I run, easy and painless technology stack and open source.

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