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The Mentor Talk with Alberto Pinto

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"How to build a successful brand?" with Alberto Pinto

Author: SalesPro4U

Hello everyone! Today we are excited to share an enlightening conversation with Alberto Pinto. He has 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, across various industries like consumer goods, hospitality, and healthcare. Alberto is a guru at launching products, handling around 30 to 40 per year, from epilators and shavers to potato chips and batteries. Plus, his team and he successfully launched the Oral-B Power in Portugal. Oh, and here's the kicker—Alberto knows the secret sauce behind building a strong, successful, and sustainable brand. Right now, he's lending his expertise to Oclean, a hot Chinese startup, helping launch their awesome AI toothbrush.

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1. Storytelling in Sales

  • Alberto emphasizes that storytelling adds value to products and aids in understanding customer needs.
  • He highlights the importance of companies investing in storytelling to adapt to the market and resonate with customers.
  • Engaging product stories, according to Alberto, can attract potential customers and differentiate a company from competitors.

2. Adapting to Consumers and Businesses

  • Alberto stresses the necessity of different approaches for B2B and B2C marketing to effectively communicate product value.
  • He underscores the significance of understanding point of parity and differentiation in marketing strategies.
  • Alberto believes that success in sales involves adapting to diverse customer and business needs.

3. Building Brand Identity and Personality

  • Alberto underscores the crucial role of brand identity in scaling up a business, particularly for startups.
  • He advocates for partnering with credible distributors to provide credibility and market support.
  • According to Alberto, establishing strong relationships with distributors and setting clear rules are essential for success.

4. Understanding Distribution and Consumer Needs

  • Alberto highlights the critical nature of understanding distributors for successful product sales to retailers.
  • He emphasizes the importance of strong negotiation and a clear understanding of rules before approaching distributors.
  • Alberto suggests identifying target audiences and offering incentives to direct customers to specific locations for effective sales.

5. Oclean: A Case Study

  • Alberto shares insights from his experience with Oclean, a Chinese start-up offering smart toothbrushes with AI and instant feedback.
  • He stresses the need to create demand across various channels and understand market rules for success in the service sector.

6. Empathy and Resilience in Sales

  • Alberto believes that empathy is vital for creating effective sales pitches by understanding customer needs.
  • He highlights the significance of resilience in navigating the highs and lows of sales, maintaining a positive attitude towards goals.

In conclusion, Alberto Pinto's experiences in sales and marketing teach us valuable lessons about how we can be effective salespeople. Storytelling, empathy, adaptability, and understanding consumers' and businesses' needs are crucial components of successful selling. Building strong relationships with distributors and creating demand in various channels can help companies reach a broader audience. Finally, maintaining a positive attitude and staying focused on the end goal is fundamental to achieving long-term success in sales.

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