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"Lead with Love, Integrity and Trust" with Victoria Hampson

Author: SalesPro4U

Today we are excited to share an enlightening conversation with Victoria Hampson. Victoria has 30 years of experience in the corporate life (Nike), healthcare sector (Haleon), and also in the education sector (Pearson). Victoria emphasizes the significance of transformational leadership, understanding regulations, risk management, customer-focused leadership, optimizing productivity, well-being, and creating cultures of openness. Now, let's dive into the key findings from our discussion:

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1. Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Corporate World

  • Victoria discusses how her corporate experience encouraged her to be innovative and take an entrepreneurial approach.
  • She emphasizes the importance of curiosity and improvement in driving value creation in various roles.

2. Validating Solutions and Engaging Investors

  • Victoria highlights the need for start-ups to demonstrate value and the ability to scale quickly, which attracts investors.
  • She offers help in preparing start-ups to effectively communicate with investors, using storytelling techniques and compelling presentations.

3. Leadership Skills and Engaging Hearts of Investors

  • Victoria emphasizes the importance of leadership skills in start-ups and scale-ups, including transformational leadership and risk management.
  • She discusses the need to engage the hearts of investors through storytelling and understanding their challenges and issues.

4. Balancing Regulation and Innovation in Organizations

  • Victoria emphasizes the need for leaders to find a balance between respecting regulation and fostering innovation.
  • Having mentors and engaging in scenario planning and risk management can help in developing this capability.

5. Customer-Focused Leadership and Well-being in Organizations

  • Victoria emphasizes the importance of generating impactful outcomes for customers and maintaining well-being in the organization.
  • Well-being includes creating an environment that allows creativity and innovation while still ensuring productivity.

6. Creating a Culture of Openness and Trust

  • Victoria highlights the significance of creating a culture of openness and trust in organizations.
  • Foster psychological safety, where individuals feel comfortable asking questions and expressing their opinions.

7. Self-Awareness and Mentors/Coaches

  • Victoria emphasizes the importance of self-awareness for leaders and encourages reflection on blind spots and competencies.
  • Mentors and coaches play a crucial role in supporting personal and professional growth.

By incorporating these key takeaways from Victoria's mentor talk, individuals can gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship, leadership skills, engaging investors, balancing regulation and innovation, and creating a culture of trust within organizations. Applying these learnings can contribute to personal and professional success.

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Until then, take care!

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