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Content Nation chat

Content Nation enables every registered user access to the worldwide Matrix chat network.

What is the Matrix chat network?

To quote matrix.org

"The aim is to provide an analogous ecosystem to email - one where you can communicate with pretty much anyone, without caring what app or server they are using, using whichever client app & server you chose, and use a neutral identity system like an e-mail address or phone number to discover people to talk to."

One of those servers is Content Nation.

Some of the features include end to end encryption, so nobody but the communication partners can read the message, there are group chats (channel) and many more features.

How do I use it?

All you have to do is to set a user name in the settings and to pick a client.

We recommend a desktop or mobile app client for the best experience.

An more or less official list is found on https://matrix.org/clients/

We also provide a web based access, but be aware, the page (the chat app) has a big initial load (around 5MB for the first load).

If you have filled out all needed info for publishing on Content Nation, created at least one profile with content then you can create your own channels to build a community.
The functionality is in the profile setup, but please be patient, currently this is a manual step.

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