I’m a Dropout, Self-Help & Life-Philosophy Artist.

At 16 I recognized that school teaches nothing of real value. I swore to focus on what’s really important in life and prove I can be happy without a degree.

At 16, I made the decision to drop outand find the secret knowledge to success by myself.

Since then, I…

  • Became self-sufficient by working a job and moving into my own apartment 🏠
  • Started and ended a 2 year relationship 💗
  • Became the fittest I’ve ever been 🤸‍♂️
  • Changed my Diet COMPLETELY 🌱
  • Wrote one answer every day on Quora for 182 days ✍️
  • Co-Founded 3 Apps
  • Founded a local Book Club in Leipzig called “The Book Club Mastermind.”
  • Overcame my Porn Addiction of 7 Years 👠
  • Building my own Writing Business as you read this
  • …and met amazing Friends, Mentors, Entrepreneurs and Founders

Every year since then, I’ve changed myself from the ground up.

And the best thing is…

I SAVED myself decades of wasted time, lost opportunities, failures and pain UPFRONT. I already know I'll achieve the success I dream of. My trust is unbreakable and I love my life.

I’m telling you this because I want you to feel the same. I want you to feel it even more than I do.

People suffer in silent desperation, distract themselves with wasteful activities and think there's no way out. 

I know what it’s like to feel miserable about myself and not wanting to change still.

That’s why I broke through all the barriers I had.

I’m here to share wisdom, knowledge and experiences that I wish I’d known earlier.

I want to save you DECADES of wasted time… UPFRONT.

After making the decision to focus on myself and learn about life…

  • The relationship to my parents has majorly improved.
  • Friends and colleagues love my positive attitude. People say I’m fascinating and want to be around me.
  • I’m confident in myself and can approach strangers on the street easily.
  • I sometimes walk around with a camera in my hand on YouTube & Instagram
  • I’m fully responsible for my life and what happens. I can't hate or blame anyone or anything.
  • I’ve escaped the rat-race and find my own truth in life.
  • I attend regular Meetups, including my own local Book Club where I learn from people usually 5-20 years older than me

I'm here to tell you everything I've learned, so you can benefit from all my life experience.

I want you to be EVEN FURTHER than I am, by age 20.

I want you to have the most beautiful relationships, jobs and life experience that you can think of.

Now let me tell you a secret… Self-Improvement is not just about you.

When you improve yourself, EVERYTHING AROUND YOU also improves. (Because you are the center)

And that’s what we’re all here for. Make this world a better place 🌎

Self-Improvement is the way that brings your goal closer to you.

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And here’s my Instagram, where I talk mostly in German.

See ya soon ;)