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What is the difference between pain and suffering?

I didn’t know that learning this difference would improve my life. I thought they both mean the same.

Hmpf. Not at all. Thanks to my Mentor Dr. Jeff for revealing it to me.

PAIN is necessary and will always happen.

It's necessary for growth and you can't avoid it. You can’t grow without pain. It’s the whetstone of growth.

SUFFERING is not necessary and you should avoid it.

It's like pouring gasoline over your pain and making the fire bigger than it actually is. (Feeling sorry for yourself, self-sabotage or kneeling into the grief.)

Allow the pain of the experience, but reject the suffering.

You have to shoulder pain, but you don't have to shoulder suffering.

Whenever I endure hardship, I can judge whether it's the feeling of pain or suffering.

Pain is given to you by your environment. Suffering is your own creation.

Suffering and Pain are two different emotions.

If you don’t know their difference in meaning, you also don’t know their difference in feeling.

You’ll think that any hardship is pain and suffering. You’ll accept suffering, even though it isn’t necessary and will significantly improve the quality of your life.

Pain is hard enough already, no need to shoulder suffering as well.

Be aware of the pain of life… and be aware of the pain that you’re putting onto yourself.

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