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I’m a Dropout who simply tries to listen to his heart and make his dreams come true.

At 16 I made the decision to drop out as soon as possible, for the following reasons.

  • School doesn’t teach us about what’s important (And I felt that)
  • I was overweight, insecure and introverted (And nobody helped me)
  • I don’t want to work a 9–5 corporate Job until I’m nearly 70
  • I want to achieve financial freedom by the time it would’ve taken me to study to become a Psychotherapist. (Which would’ve taken me until 24…

As you’re reading this, I am 20 years old.

And I’ve experienced more in my last 4 years than the previous 14 years combined.

Since 16 I…

  • Started working a regular job, moved into my own apartment and became self-sufficient 🏠
  • Started and ended a 2-year relationship
  • Began my Fitness Journey in Calisthenics and Bodyweight Fitness🤸‍♂️
  • Changed my Diet COMPLETELY to Plant-Based 🌱
  • Wrote one answer every day on Quora for 182 days ✍️
  • Co-Founded 3 Apps (but failed all of them…)
  • Founded a local Book Club aimed at Self-Improvement in my hometown Leipzig, Germany “The Book Club Mastermind.”
  • Overcame my Porn Addiction of 7 Years 👠
  • Became a Freelance Ghostwriter & Copywriter
  • …and met amazing Friends, Mentors & Founders along the way.

Every year has created tremendous change, because I had no other option.

Once I dropped out, I had to improve to make things work.

Most people stay in school because of their comfort zone.

They’re afraid of doing something on their own and use the “security” of a degree as an excuse to stay lukewarm about their life.

But Freedom won’t come to you unless you work towards it.

So I put myself in the corner…

Without a degree, I’m on my own to make things happen.

Dropping Out was one of the hardest decisions of my Life. I had to face the uncertainty and the recoil of my environment.

But the best thing is…

I know I SAVED decades of wasted time, lost opportunities, failures and pain UPFRONT.

I learned lessons, made mistakes and learned from people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I’m living a fully responsible life and people see that and help me. It leads me to live a more mature life.

I want you to feel the same. I want you to live a better life than I do.

People suffer in silent desperation, distracting themselves with wasteful activities while blaming “life” for everything. (I know because I did just that.)

I know what it’s like to be miserable and still be too afraid to change..

In fact, that was most of my life.

But I broke through all the barriers, at last.

After making the decision to focus on myself and learn about life…

  • The relationship to my parents majorly improved…
  • I’m more positive than ever…
  • I’m confident enough to be transparent and open about my Life…
  • I don’t blame others on what happens in my life; it’s as if I can’t…
  • I escaped the rat-race early on and build my Business as a Copywriter & Ghostwriter
  • I host Events with attendees who are 5–20 years older than me (Including my own Event called The Book Club Mastermind.)

I’m telling you this for two reasons.

  1. I’m here because I decided so. And I’m not any better than you. (Never was)
  2. You can achieve anything you want. And I wanna help you prove it.

I know I’m not in any Forbes List or wealthy… I’m at the beginning of the mountain called Life.

But I’m aware that my Life is just waiting to get better. Time is working for me, and I trust myself, because of the Improvements I’ve made in the past.
(And continue to do…)

Ultimately, I’m writing on the Internet, talking to everyone about Life Advice and lead my Lifestyle because…

I want you to learn what I learned.

I’m here to share wisdom, knowledge and experiences that I wish I’d known earlier. I want to save you DECADES of wasted time… BEFORE it even happens.

I want you to have the most beautiful Relationships, Job and Experiences you can imagine.

Because Life is so much more than most people live

And it takes a new perspective, a new way to live your Heart-Lifestyle.

I’m not telling you to Drop out. I’m talking about something much more important, which (sadly) the education system doesn’t teach us.

When you can dream it, you can live it.


People have forgotten to dream in the first place.

Now let me tell you a secret… Self-Improvement is not just about you.

When you improve yourself, EVERYTHING AROUND YOU also improves. (Because you are the center)

And that’s what we’re all here for. To make this world a better place 🌎 by improving ourselves.

Embracing constant change is the way.

If you want to know more about me, check out

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And here’s my Instagram, where I talk mostly in German.

See ya!