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I'm 19 years old, tell me something that may change my whole life forever?

I’m 19 myself. I dropped out because I didn’t want anyone telling me what to do.

At 16 I realized I want to leave school because:

  1. We learn nothing that’s applicable to life
  2. I need to act like I care about every subject
  3. I learned more about life from 2 books than 10 years of school

I’m not judging anyone in the school system. Maybe you love school. If that’s the case I’m happy that you’re happy!

But it felt wrong to me. School became a burden I had to shoulder everyday and I was close to an emotional breakdown.

If you drop out, then you’re a failure...” They said.

If I do that, I’ll be happier” I said.

But nobody cared what the Teenie said because “He lacks life experience and can’t make mature decisions on his own.”

Yes, that’s how they disrespect your opinion. Many people in their twenties also suffer from this, mostly coming from relatives.

When you want (or don’t want) something and it gets dismissed, that’s a sign of toxic behaviour.

It breaks my heart to see how many people tolerate toxic behaviour and live their life on the passenger seat instead of playing the main role.

You can make your own decisions. When your genuine experience tells you it’s shit, then it likely is. If someone tries to force it on you, that’s toxic.

When your family forces you, they’re not family. They’re just humans who’re pushing a sick system on you because they’re conditioned.

Guess what…

More Than Half Of U.S. Workers Are Unhappy In Their Jobs [1]


You’ll be one of them if you don’t take grip of your life. People live someone else’s dream and don’t even realize it.

I told my parents I want to move out and work a job at 18. Not for the money, but for the personal development. (That’s what I love.) And within the next 8 years build a business that would generate my income.

That’s the same time it would’ve taken me to become a psychotherapist… alongside tons of debt.

I didn’t know what business it’d be, but I trusted I’d figure it out and make it work in 8(!) years.

But they deflected me. Now my life was even harder than before. For the sole purpose of my own happiness, I put them on the plank.

Either you support me or you leave.

When you’re ready for a big change, the universe often pushes back.

- Dr. Jeff Fischer


It was the most stressful time of my life but I knew they were wrong to ignore my genuine desire, trust and probably the biggest adventure of my life.

I’m not sugarcoating this…

Taking responsibility of your life will always open up doors to hardship.
No more gaming, no more Netflix everyday and social media. Nobody to clean your room, nobody to prepare you food. You need to higher your standards and it’s painful.

But it won’t get easier the longer you wait. People even in their 30’s face the same problems. It’s hard for anyone, regardless of when they start their own life.

You’re just prolonging the problem.

3 Months later, my parents accepted my direction in life and our relationship improved. We’re at eye-level now, whereas before I was “under” them.

Now I can always go to my mom for a warm dinner. My father supports me during tough times. They respect me more than ever. And I discovered my parents in a whole new way.

When the dust has set, people see anew.


But then the question arises:

What’s harder, living your own life or living someone else’s version of your life?

You’re young and that’s the perfect time to think about it.

You don’t have to jump straight into a new life like me. I wouldn’t even recommend it.

First, kindly watch over yourself and observe what you'd like to improve.

Social skills. Fitness. Creativity. Mindset. Relationships. Emotional Stability. Finances.

Take responsibility step by step. You can even do that in your mom’s basement.

I lost 15 pounds, started reading interesting books and lifted weights for the first time in my life… all in Hotel Mama and before 17.

Take responsibility, step by step. You can and want to do that.

Think about it this way:

You can only live your best life if you’re in best mental and physical shape.
You’ll only attract what you’re worthy of receiving.

Becoming aware, responsible and attentive about your life is the way, regardless of your age.

And if you’re a teenager or young adult, you have the biggest factor working for you… TIME.

Your improvements will compound into heights you can’t even imagine. You’ll be able to pick your extraordinary fruits in your early twenties/thirties.

The earlier you start, the greater your life will be.

So how do you start?

Chances are, if you sit in a quiet room and go into yourself, you’ll see what to improve.

We instinctively know what to improve.

But if you need, hit me up right now on Quora or my Instagram. (In the Comments)

You’re in the best position to create the life you want. This path never ends and it’s my mission to help you.

Your most beautiful future is waiting for you.


[1] More Than Half Of U.S. Workers Are Unhappy In Their Jobs: Here’s Why And What Needs To Be Done Now


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