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In which cases should I enter a university? Elon Musk says "You don’t need a college degree". I’m 17 years old.

Everyone knows why he said that and more people will do so.

  • The things taught at school can mostly not be applied to real life.
  • University doesn’t teach us about Daily Psychology, Social Behaviour, Mindset and Emotions.
  • There’s no sense in going to university when you haven’t even explored yourself yet.
  • The education system is a highway to tremendous debt.
  • A job isn’t guaranteed. In fact it’s a mistake to believe you’d get a job straightaway just from a university degree.
  • Passion and skill rules over degree.
  • You don’t need a degree to be happy in life.
  • Investing in yourself grants much higher returns than university

I was 16 when I dropped my dream of becoming a Psychotherapist. I couldn’t take 8 more years in the education system.

By 18 I had learned more from books and stepping outside of my comfort zone than from 11 years of school.

Honestly… the education system is embarrassing.

It’s supposed to prepare us for life… but they simply don’t do that.

We don’t learn about (rent) contracts, we don’t learn about money, we don’t learn entrepreneurial thinking, and we certainly don’t learn to ask “Why?”

All we’re supposed to do is listen and do what they say, so we can one day get a piece of paper that says we’re qualified to work a job in an area which nobody is sure will even exist in the future or you’ll enjoy it 5 years down the line.

This made me so angry (and still does) that I dropped out as soon as I legally could, at 18.

Since then I’ve focused on myself and:

  • Lost 15 pounds.
  • Started Weightlifting.
  • Started reading more.
  • Started Writing everyday.
  • Started & ended a Relationship of 2 Years.
  • Moved into my own apartment and made my own first money working a real job.
  • Switched to a Plant-Based diet.
  • Happiest I’ve ever been and built real confidence that can get me through life.
  • I can actually talk to people now, I used to be afraid to even make a doctors appointment

I cook for myself, I clean, and make sure to pay all my bills. I’m self-sufficient.

But I’ve got something important to mention…

You can still go back to college or university if you want to. Anytime.

We’re living in a modern world, people can study with 50 years of age…. Doesn’t matter!

I don’t recommend to drop out. My point is to take some time off at least and get a grip on who you are and want to be.

I had addictions that I wasn’t even aware of like my porn abuse and video games.

Sincerely look at yourself and bravely answer the following questions:

Do you have any addictions? What do you know can be improved in your life? Where is your biggest fear in life? What are you avoiding? Can you cook for yourself? Do you exercise and consciously care for your health regularly? Are you happy with your current life situation? Are you confident enough to talk to strangers?


Once you learn this, and you still want to go to university, I’m all for that decision. If you want it, I’ll even support you!

But first focus on yourself. Make sure that it’s your own decision, not someone elses masked as your own. And make sure you discover yourself before making a tens of thousands dollar decision to get a degree in an area you don’t know you even enjoy.

Any young person should take one year off the education system at 18. Get hands-on work experience. Do a work & travel. Make your own money. Make experience. Discover your interests. Take action. Study what interests you. Be courageous and brave. There are courses, books and videos on literally anything, if you still want to formally educate yourself.

You don’t need the education system to educate yourself.

Who knows? It might be the best decision of your life yet.

So yeah, I agree with Elon.

You don’t need a college degree. You only need yourself.

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