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Do you regret dropping out of high school?


Since dropping out, I’ve:

  • Lost 20 pounds.
  • Become responsible about my time and actions.
  • Learned how to be socially confident (I hosted an event with 25 people).
  • Moved into my own apartment and became self-sufficient by working my first job.
  • Overcame my Gaming and Porn addiction.
  • Meditate everyday.
  • Became vegan.
  • Got into my first relationship
  • Never felt fitter and happier in my life
  • My mom and my sister are proud of my personal development.
  • I found my passion for Writing and Learning.
  • Started my 365-day Quora Challenge (This is day 115).
  • Made awesome friends through local events.
  • Learned how to handle money and pay my bills.
  • Bought my own 4K TV (Had to mention this! :D)
  • Joined Twitter and networked with amazing people (Everyone on my follow list is amazing)
  • Worked on my first Online Tool (Easily find the best Twitter Threads)
  • I actively follow and pursue goals that make ME happy

Will I ever go back?

No. I don’t have a degree but I don’t need one to be happy. There many other ways to find a job you love.

But I want to point out that life is harder than school.

Dropping out means a huge amount of responsibility coming towards you.
I was a gamer all my life and this is definitely the hardest game I ever played.

But it’s also —by far— the most rewarding one.

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