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To the best of your ability, can you define the true meaning of life? Describe your answers in detail, don't be afraid to share your story.

A monk says the meaning of life is meditation and emotional control.
A Rabbi says the meaning of life is to follow God.
Biology says the meaning of life is reproduction.
Philosophy says the meaning of life is just to exist… While others say there is

Apparently, there are millions of meanings of life.

But which one of these is true? If one is true, does that mean everyone else is wrong?


Just like there are billions of people, there are also billions of meanings of life.

The meaning of life is meditation and emotional control. Yes, but it’s also to follow God. And it’s also to reproduce. And it’s also to exist. And it’s also to have fun. And it’s also to become the best version of yourself. And it’s also to give. And so much more.

Different people have different meanings of life.

A monk has found his meaning of life in meditation.
A simple man may have found his meaning of life in his countryside farm.
A Fitness Trainer may have found it in helping others and a mother may have found it in reproducing and caring for her loved ones.

The meaning of life is often the product of what feels right and delivers value at the same time.

Due to our differences in heritage, experiences, culture we all have different things that feel right and therefore different meanings of life.

Achieving breakthroughs in the mathematical field isn’t my meaning of life because I don’t like maths. But it may be someone else’s meaning of life.

The meaning of life is dependent on our hearts.

We create the meaning of our lives by following our heart and it’s individual to everyone.

A kid born in Brooklyn 1963 loved basketball. He wanted to win every game he played and became the best basketball player of all times, Michael Jordan.

A kid with autism follows his entrepreneurial heart. He dropped out of university to build a company. So far, he’s built the most successful electric car company and revolutionizes the world. This is Elon Musk’s purpose.

Everybody has a unique purpose.

They achieved the meaning of their life by following their heart.

A mothers meaning of life might be just to care for her children and it’s just as magnificent as any other purpose.

No matter how big or small your meaning of life is, you are unique… And only you can fulfill your purpose.

The meaning of life is to find what makes you happy and develop yourself so you can become even better at what you’re doing.

Michael Jordan had to improve. Elon Musk had to improve. Artists, athletes, everyone has to improve in what they like to do.

If we don’t improve, we can’t fulfill our purpose.

Feelings are the language of our purpose.

You see, the meaning of life is the product of fun, love, happiness or passion and dedication.

Listen to your unobstructed heart and see where it leads you.


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