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What are the habits of highly successful people?

There are thousands of habits. Every guru has a different morning routine and wakes up at different times. But I’ve been studying successful people for 3+ years and found one big common factor.

Here's what's special about successful people.

Gratefulness & Trust

Their Trust can move mountains.

There is no single successful person who wasn't considered crazy.

Beliefs make us on a fundamental level. We believe things about ourselves, about reality and about others. This is how our brain deems something as true.

If we believe it, it's true.

Beliefs are way too deep in our subconscious, so we need questions to discover them.

What do you stand for?
What would you like to improve in this world?
What are you best at?
What's something others told you you're good at?
What feelings do you want to create in others?
If you were to die in 2 years, what would you do?

These questions penetrate the subconscious and draw clear results of your personality & beliefs.

And let me tell you what, your best bet to become successful is to bet on your personality & beliefs.

Even on the thought level, beliefs have the strongest presence.

Belief -> Emotion -> Thoughts -> Actions -> Results -> Belief

This is the circle of our inner being.

You’ll find that a certain belief extremely benefits you in your life, as you go.

Maybe it’s a belief about love, a life philosophy, your work, nature, equality…

On the thought level, these are beliefs. They’re also called passions, interests & attitude.

And you identify your best beliefs by recognizing what you can do best.

Successful people seem to have a sort of easiness in their area of expertise.

Think Picasso drawing a masterpiece within 90 seconds or an athlete running on the track for miles upon miles without a single sign of exhaustion.

This easiness comes from months or years of effort.

Chances are, some of your habits already are forming you to be successful in a certain area already.

You’re just not aware how your behaviour can benefit others and what value you actually provide.

So let’s put a circle around it:

Create value for others by doing what you’re best at and keep developing at the same time.

That’s where success happens.

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