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Why do people assume that attractive women are mean?

Being attractive is a huge advantage, yes.

According to countless studies, they are generally considered more competent and even get shorter prison sentences.

The amount of potential partners also rises with attractiveness. They get followers faster, more personal attention and are considered more convincing in debates… and there’s so much more!

They are more likely to…

  • be forgiven for their mistakes.
  • get more job opportunities.
  • are perceived as more trustworthy and
  • even babies smile more upon presented an attractive face

They definitely have more going for them than the rest.

Understandably so, many people spend hours in the bathroom, inject Botox into their lips and eat a single toast for breakfast to lose weight.

There’s such a storm about the topic of attractiveness, that it’s easy to think looks define your inner being.

But once you get to know a few beautiful people, you’ll realize that they are just…

like everyone else.

Humans. Born the same way you were.

Yes, they have some things easier.

But they also have to overcome their anxieties, are faced with life-altering challenges & decisions and crave a fitting partner just like you.

Does beauty make life easier?

Yes! Definitely!

Is it unfair?


Nothing is unfair if you play at your own game.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Play into them and you will naturally find the area in which you are “most attractive.”

And by the way…

if attractive people are considered mean, what's with those who assume it? Isn't it mean to project an unverified assumption on them?

That's literally the definition of racism.
Projecting certain traits or behaviours on others without any truth.

So why do people assume bad character traits in others?

Because people project their insecurities on others.

Just remember to align your life to your strengths. There, you will find your most beauty ;)

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