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How do I know whether I am handsome or not?

  • You feel confident around the opposite sex.
  • You admire yourself in the mirror.
  • You don’t try to appeal to anyone.
  • You don’t care about rejection from women.
  • Women will be interested in you.
  • People want to touch you, even in non-sexual ways.
  • Some women are shy around you.
  • Your have a strong presence.
  • You feel confident being yourself.
  • You believe you are handsome.
  • You exercise regularly and eat a clean diet.

Notice how none of these things are entirely dependent on your looks.

You are handsome if you are on your best behaviour.
You are handsome if you’re a good version of yourself.

There is no handsome man who is afraid to be himself and constantly tries to get approval from everyone.

Handsome means confident, fit, friendly, genuine, alive and kicking in life.

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