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What is the most attractive quality a man can possess/develop?

It’s not what you think it is.

Women don’t want a bad boy nor a good boy.

They want…

A man who’s kind to everyone but also stands up for himself.
A man who can throw her on the bed, but asks first.
A man who isn’t afraid of expressing his emotions in front of her.

But there are much more qualities that make men attractive.

Here are the top 5 points that make men attractive:

  1. Humor & Fun
    If you can’t have fun and you take everything seriously, how is she supposed to feel at ease around you? Someone with no humour or joy can’t create an amazing atmosphere and therefore not attract a partner.
    Good self-humour is also a sign of true confidence.
  2. Looking Clean & Fit
    This is not about genetics. Everybody can be clean and fit. Cut your nails, wash your ears, groom your body and exercise 3x a week.

    This shows you’re Life-smart and care about your appearance & health. This will already make you stick out.
  3. He wants the girl, but doesn’t need her
    When man doesn’t care whether she is with him or not, he can absolutely be himself. He’s under no pressure and keeps his cool. Women perceive this as unshakable confidence and fall head over heels for such an independent force.
  4. Goal-oriented and passionate
    Women love men who express their passions openly. It shows that there are multiple sides to the man. True passion is an energy that’s universally recognizable. We love Passionista’s!
  5. Sprinkling in just the right amount of compliments
    Women LOVE compliments. But when a man gives too many compliments early on, it’s a sign of desperation. It can even become creepy.
    Keep it light with the compliments. There’ll be enough time for that later ;)
    It’ll also make each compliment more intense and she’ll know it’s honest.
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