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What 10 things have you stopped doing in your life?

  1. Expecting Anything

    Expectations set the bar so high that people will definitely disappoint you. How about letting expectations off the hook so you can just focus o yourself?

  2. Trying to Impress Women

    Since I was a child I noticed how men’s behaviour changes around women.
    They never get the girl while looking stupid in the process.
    Never try to impress anyone.

  3. Living Other People’s Expectations

    This is a big deal for way too many people. You’re in this world so you can live YOUR dream. Not someone else’s.
    Be yourself.
    Everyone else is already taken. - Oscar Wilde
  4. Masturbating

    I’m 19 and I was addicted to masturbating for the past 6 years.
    Thing is I didn’t notice I was addicted until I tried stopping at age 16.
    I have much more energy now and my self-worth skyrocketed since stopping.

  5. Missing Something I Never Had

    A grand house. A luxury car. A beautiful wife.
    People get stuck on imaginary things they never had and are genuinely sad about it.
    “Why do I not have this? Why am I not in that position?”

  6. Eating Meat

    Processed meat is a definitive carcinogen.
    Unprocessed meats aren’t much healthier because they contain toxins, hormones, heme-Iron, Cholesterol and IGF-1.
    I replace it with lentils, beans and veggies and supplement B12.

  7. Relying on Willpower

    Willpower is like a stone. Hard to carry and you will stop at some point. But having a strong “Why?” is like a solar-powered rechargeable supercar. It can get you anywhere.

  8. Only Talking about Myself

    When two people only talk about themselves, it’s not a conversation.
    It’s two people having a monologue.

  9. Using Shampoo

    I wash my hair only with water and my dandruff is gone and my hair is just as clean.
    If not, more because I don’t put chemicals on my scalp anymore.
    Nobody ever said my hair smells bad. Think about it… How did our ancestors for multiple millions of years wash their hair?

  10. Calling Myself Stupid

    Your thoughts and your words come from the same place: Your brain.
    But our brain can’t differentiate between words and thoughts.
    Thinking that you’re stupid is like calling yourself stupid.
    And your brain won’t hesitate to adapt it, it’s like an affirmation.
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