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“Sales is a science.” with Zoi Therapou-Pierson

Author: SalesPro4U
Hello everyone! Today we are excited to share an enlightening conversation with Zoi Therapou-Pierson. She has over 15 years of experience in driving start-up and new territory growth within the international financial services industry, with a focus on fintech (B2B, SaaS) for the past decade. She possesses extensive expertise in sales, spearheading revenue growth initiatives, and guiding diverse teams worldwide to achieve outstanding results. Her passions lie in entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. Additionally, she provides strategic guidance and sales advice to start-ups, and has also ventured into angel investing. Let's dive into the key takeaways from her discussion.

You can listen OR watch the podcast here:

1. The Meaning Fintech and Cryptocurrencies 

  • Zoi emphasizes operational efficiency, improved transparency, AI, and open banking as key areas where Fintech is revolutionizing the financial services industry. 
  • With her economist's lens, she expresses skepticism towards cryptocurrencies and presents a compelling argument based on her understanding of asset valuation.

2. Strategic Focus for Start-ups in the SaaS Industry

  • Transitioning to the dynamics of the SaaS industry, Zoi advocates for a clear understanding of a unique competitive advantage and strategic focus.
  • She underscores the importance of a targeted and data-driven approach, emphasizing the scientific nature of sales and the debate of whether it is an art or a science.

3. The Scientific Perspective of Sales

  • Emanating her belief that sales is a scientific process, Zoi stresses the significance of understanding data and market dynamics to achieve substantial revenue growth, especially for start-ups.
  • She then shares a success story of implementing a strategic business approach for a Fintech company, targeting specific underserved clients and gradually evolving their product to outshine competitors.

4. Insights into Successful Business Strategies

  • Zoi unveils a successful business strategy she implemented for a company, strategically securing a portion of business from large, underserved clients, leading to sustained growth and market dominance. 
  • She highlights crucial considerations for start-ups seeking funding, particularly focusing on problem-solving, market understanding, and the clear path to profitability.

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Stay tuned for more enlightening episodes of “The Mentor Talk”.

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