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Slow-Motion clips of things you might use every day.

Some things we use on a daily basis seem simple and boring, but if you take a close look in the time dimension (by slowing down a lot) some things become way more interesting.

In the real world things can't start or stop moving in an instant, they need to slow down or accelerate, some times they overshoot the target or some things are simply way to fast for our mortal eyes. Or some things trick our eyes but slow motion capture reveals those tricks.

Here we want to show you those things, captured by special equipment most of us don't have access to.
Nothing you can't buy, but it is not cheap. With some extras, expect to spend 10.000€/US$/£ for a setup like ours.

Since our budget is limited, we can't use the greatest and expensive equipment (yet), so you might not get the best possible results or highest frame rates. We just can't spend a few hundred thousands on camera equipment.

Also our clips are limited to the actual "events", the explanations, setups and other information is presented here in text form.
This is not meant to be a million subscription Youtube channel, but we certainly wouldn't mind :)

The detailed equipment used is mentioned in the corresponding articles, but here are some of the items we commonly use:

A cheap light tent for product photography

Very strong 200W LED lights. Sometimes multiple ones.
Your usual LED light has around 3-10W, just as a comparison.

A Slow-Motion camera capable of a resolution of 1920x1080 pixel with 1.000 images/s.

And finally, every-day stuff we have in our homes.

A lot of post-processing is needed to make the image brighter, color adjustments where needed, de-noise filters and more.
Each step will be explained in an article when needed.
Images are post-processed via g'mic, audio is processed with audacity, videos are edited via kdenlive, all running on Linux, so a complete open-source workflow.