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How do I get someone to instantly give me money just to talk?

You’d either need to be:

  1. A Superstar.
  2. Extremely rich.
  3. A Guru/Teacher.
  4. An Influencer
  5. or a Therapist.

So it’s definitely possible. People have done it before.

How do you achieve that?

Well, out of those 6 choices, becoming an Influencer is easiest.

At first, you start filming yourself doing something you enjoy. Yes, anything. Whether it’s gaming or drawing anime characters.

Someone will like it and become a fan of yours.

You start publishing your videos and share them online.

Remember: As long as you have fun, you will be consistent and make it possible for people to find your videos.

You will listen for feedback and improve your videos step by step.

  • You will improve your communication.
  • You will learn to use the right words when talking to your audience to increase engagement.
  • You will work with a designer to work on your thumbnails.
  • You will repurpose your content do different platforms like Instagram + YouTube + Twitter.
  • Set up a Paypal Donation Link or Patreon. (Can’t miss out on that possibility!)

If you’re really slow, then it will take you 5–6 years to gain a big enough audience to live off of it.

And even if it takes 10 years, that’s faster than working your a** of working a job you hate until you’re retired.

See what resonates the most and double down on that.

You move to Live Platforms such as Chaturba… Uhm, I mean Twitch and YouTube Live. The benefit of live platforms is people will gladly donate to you as long as their names pop up.

You encourage donations by doing certain challenges and setting up “Donation Goals.”

And soon, you found yourself in a spot of people giving you money just to talk.

Don’t believe me?

Just start browsing the internet and you’ll find people doing just this.

Wish you the best!

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