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have read aloud

Welcome to the official Content Nation blog.

Here we post updates we roll out onto the Website, announcements, our plans and similar things.


Currently we have a very long list of planned features, some listed below. The order and the time of development is not yet defined:

  • Extended Fediverse integration (ongoing, in progress)
  • Polls
  • Comments below articles
  • Forum
  • Login with Content Nation via OAuth2 (beta status, first use: our git hosting service on
  • Import from existing websites (experimental, alpha status)
  • Partial releasing Content Nation as open source
  • Improving algorithm for similar articles

Help wanted

If you like what what you see and want to support the site there multiple way:

  • Create and publish your content here on Content Nation, it's free!
  • Spread the word, share content that was published on Content Nation and indirectly increase awareness of the platform
  • Suggest features that you would like to have
  • Financial support, either by supporting one or more creators or directly by donating to this profile
  • If you like the idea, but something keeps you from registering and or publishing content, tell us.
  • Help with development (paid)

Job offerings

Currently we are looking for help in multiple places, all freelancer based, preferred in Germany.

Mathematician, Algorithm tweaker

Task: Improve our similar content algorithm
Background: We need someone with a background in mathematics, handling of text analytics and (caution: buzzword) machine learning for text analytics.
Currently used technologies: Entity recognition, graph traversing algorithms, a lot of custom tweaks to make it work.
Bonus points for strong programming background, which one is more or less irrelevant as long as it runs on Linux.

Software developer front-end, back-end or both

Task: Build more features for Content Nation
Background for front-end: Vanilla JS, Typescript, being able to do stuff without 100x NPM dependencies and frameworks
Background for back-end: modern class oriented PHP, being able to do stuff without 100x composer dependencies and frameworks
Current used technologies: Typescript creating vanilla JS, less, grunt, php, mysql/mariadb, a bunch of custom and exotic things build one a lot of languages (C++, Python, Java, probably some more)

Marketing, Sales or similar

Task: Spread the word about Content Nation, make it well known, get creators to join and publish on Content Nation
Background: Some experience with promotion, direct customer acquisition, good networking experience

How to apply:

No huge application process, get in contact, tell and show us what you can do, tell us your hourly prices and we will find a solution.
We don't care about your gender, your look, your age or shoe size, if you can do the job and your mentality fits, we can find an agreement.
All jobs are based in Germany as Freelancer (you need to be able to send invoices), 100% remote work, Bonus points if live near Leipzig, Sachsen, for occasional meetings in person, location might change in the future.


  • E-Mail: info at this domain pgp key (Fingerprint 0xDCE6299952FEAB98009EF5C52620A06C2D9628E7)
  • Matrix-Chat: