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How to become an efficient (team) leader

I've lead small and bigger teams in the past. I had to learn a lot and developed my own style of leading.
I also build up the team by hiring the employees and had more or less full control of the type and skillset
that was required for the job.

The HR department liked my "kind of unusal" approach and told me there have not seen such good working teams.
Also some members of other teams wanted to know what made "our" team different, as well some of my
former team members that work elsewhere and wanted to know the secrets of why their current team does
not work as well or some description that they can give to their new team lead.

That is the erason for this article searies about efficient leading.

And no, this is an buy my book to become the best in the world. This is more a list of things to do or not to do,
with some examples.

Also (for me) these things seemd obvious, but apprently they were not.

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