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Become a better team lead: do favours

This is another thing that doesn't make it into management books. Sadly.

Always try to do favours, don't get even, pay up front, become "kind of friends" with people around you

What does it mean? Lets give a few examples.

Some real Examples:
Always be kind to your cleaning personel, give them a hand if the cable of the vacuum cleaner gets stuck,
move things temporary out of the way. Talk to them. Help them when it comes to your "animal cage",
help them on the floor, be nice to them, threat them as if they were a member of your team.
They might complain to you that their handle for the broom is worn down. Go and talk to office supply,
get them a new broom. They will be even happier than your team members, because their boss ignored
them are they were afraid. Sure it takes a few minutes out of your precious time. But it will benefit you.
Forward a few weeks or month and one of your team members spills coffee on the carpet and it left a stain.
Ask your cleaning guy/girl of any "secret tip", "magic cleaning tool" on how to get rid of that. Don't ask
to clean it for you, ask them how they would do it. Maybe the coffee stain is gone the next time they were there.
Also works with spilled and sticky energy drinks ;)
But if you notice that someone did you this favour, say thank you and make sure to keep making favours up front.

If you create this big net of favours up front, your live will become easier. Make sure you include most departments.
No matter if is realted to you or not. Time for an additional/alternative logo for your team, maybe one of the
designes is willing to help in a quiet moment. The IT gives you the space mouse for the server room and
orders a new one for themselfs or the office supply gives you the last white board marker that was reserved
for the meeting room. The little things.

And try to remember the things that other people tell you. It gives bonus points if you remember where
the guy from marketing went to on their 3 week vacation. Asking "how was your 3 week holiday in <location>" has a
bigger positive impact than "hi, you're back. Did you go on vacation or did you stay home?'

It's all about networking.

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