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Websites and ads

Here a nice summary on websites, their ads and how they care:

  1. Scripts and ads are hosted externally (not on the website). The website has no control about the delivered content.
    This is concerning from a security point of view.
    Website reaction: The security of your computer is not our problem.

  2. There are 1.5MB or more of tracking scripts, ads and other garbage per view.
    An older computer will bog down
    Website reaction: The performance of your computer is not our problem.

  3. Even on newer computer it will drain the battery.
    Website reaction: Your battery runtime is not our problem.

  4. On mobile devices this will drain the traffic plan (GB per month)
    Website reaction: Your traffic volume is not our problem.

  5. moving and shaking elements are not only annoying, but bad for accessibility. Like potentially dangerous for people
    with epileptic sensitivity.
    Website reaction: Your well beeing is not our problem.

  6. automatic starting audio tracks, especially annoying in an office or shared space.
    Website reaction: Your office space is not our problem.

  7. Transfer of data directly to other countries (like USA), a clear GDPR violation.
    Website reaction: The transfer of your data in other countries is not our problem.

  8. No plus subscription (or other ad-free plans) without reveiling your name, credit card or similar?
    Website reaction: Your privacy is not our problem.

  9. Having a subscription and still tracking and collecting data is impertinent
    Website reaction: Your feelings are not our problem.

  10. Users install ad blockers. Website: crying, complaining, oh my ad income !!!111!, we must fight that
    User reaction: Your ad income is not out problem.

Shameless ad (without tracking):
If you run a website, consider using Content Nation for donations and get rid of the ads and tracking.
If your are a fan of a specific website, try to convince them to switch to ad free and donation based running on Content Nation
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