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skgames Notebook Laptop cooler

Author: Sascha Nitsch



Bought via Amazon, Price: 22,90 Euro, Date Start of October 2019.


Review time: about a week.

Reason for purchase:

I use an Acer Predator 300 (PH317-52) Laptop when travelling or working not from home. This is a 17 inch massive laptop with serious heat production.

So I searched for a laptop cooling solution in the hope to prevent CPU speed throttling.


Rating: 4 of 5 stars:

Reason and description

The product works as advertised, the 6 fans are quiet and can bes swiched on in groups (center only, outer only or all).
Also the speed can be adjusted.

It is advertised for 17" laptop, but at least my laptop is larger than the top. So the one star decrease in my rating.
The product picture on the in the online shop showed the dimensions and I verified them with the distances of the rubber feet of my laptop. I knew it would fit anyway, but if I open the slip protection thingy for tilting, my laptop tends to slip off the back end when horizontal or near it. On lower angles, I do not use it, the rubber feet have a good grip on the metal grid on top.

For my needs, a back/front would be nice, my cooling fan opening on the laptop are on the back.

The biggest question for me was: stops it my laptop from overheat: no, on full cpu and gpu usage it still runs too hot. But the top of the laptop feels cooler and the tilting makes typing on it a bit less demanding on the wrists, I think.
But it takes longer to reach the overtemp point and I think, the CPU boost speed are higher (or longer at high) on average. I don't have a proper monitoring tool for this installed.
When this laptop gets hot, the laptop fans run in beast mode and produce a lot of wind anyway, the gap alone helps, but also the fans aid. It is still too much heat. Time for thermal paste redo on the laptop itself. This is not an issue with the reviewed cooler, it does what it can do.

Do I regret buying this cooler: no.

Do I recommend this product in a similar situation? Maybe.
Depending on the laptop is can help more or less with heat, the fans work as expected.
The tilting is nice.

Would I recommend another product in place? No, all coolers share the same underlying issue. It's personal preference and laptop specs to see if the fans are in the right place or if you want an all-plastic solution for a few Euro less. Even the more expensive models would have issues cooling the beast.


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