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Curated content on Content Nation

Meaning: from a manger or overseer controlled content.

Here on Content Nation every article will be quickly read after publishing.
If the article fullfills a few quality rules, it will get an internal "good" attribute.
From those articles with the "good" attribute the newest one will be shown on the start page.

Quality rules (or guidelines):

  • form: good spelling, grammar and understandability
  • appealing article image
  • content: A certain minimal length (topic dependent) and quality
  • topic: does not matter
  • a certain appeal or "somthing cool", not everything is start page material

Those are rules, which articles get on the start page, other articles can be written or published, as log as the Terms are fulfilled.
The start page is a privilege.

This help article (or the complete help profile) would not make it ;)

Photo by Paul Schafer on Unsplash

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