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Is money the secret to happiness?


Money gets you everything you want.

  • Houses you’ve never seen before.
  • Dream-like Sex.
  • Tesla’s and Oldtimers or Ferraris, depending on your taste.
  • 1000$ Gucci Jacket? All yours. And that’s just the beginning.
  • Want to chill on a beach or eat Hot Dog in New York? Sure, anytime.
  • People will drown in their own drool to get some of you.
  • A Rolex (Or ten)Premium-Gear for you Golf-Hobby

These are just a couple of things that grant you Happ… Uhm I meant Pleasure.

Wait, you meant Happiness? Not Pleasure?

Pleasure is momentary. It gives you a time-limited sense of joy. A fake kind of joy.

Money can only grant you pleasure, not happiness.
Stacking pleasure on more pleasure is the highway to Hell.

Imagine someone who gets everything he wants, anytime he/she wishes. (Just like magic)

Cars? Oki. Sex. Great! Clothes? Anything you wish.

How long do you think it takes for that person to lose any motivation to live?

When you get anything you want, there’s no sacrifice you have to make in order to get it.

Your baseline for pleasure raises and you need more pleasure to stay on the same level.

And you need MUCH MORE to feel the same level of pleasure again.

It’s a hellhole.

It’s a place where you have nothing to live for.

Pleasure is amazing now and then. But if you overdo it, it’ll bite you in the ass.

Watching Netflix just two days in a row makes it boring. Whereas if I just watch one Episode every Friday, you’ll always look forward to it.

It’s the same with Sex. No matter how beautiful your partners are, it will become normal if done regularly.

Pain gives pleasure its meaning in the first place.

It acts as a counterbalance. And that’s why pain and Pleasure are two friends working together to make your life enjoyable.

If you can have anything you want, anytime, what’s the purpose of everything?

But Happiness…

means not having to chase pleasure.

You are happy with what you have and where you are, because you can. Because you are in peace, satisfaction, contentment…

In this state, pleasure is not even desirable. Because you are happy already.

If you can smile adversity in its face, knowing full well that problems will never stop…

You’ve won. That is happiness.

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