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What did you learn too late in life?

I am 19.

Here's what I wish I learned earlier in life:

  • You can decide how you react to situations.
  • Everyday, be grateful for your protection and well-being.
  • Write down your goals for every week / month.
  • If you don’t sleep enough, it means your priorities need adjustment.
  • Someone who’s grateful is unstoppable; Gratefulness beats fear.
  • Wake up dancing to your favorite songs.
  • Become aware of your initial reaction to everything: Your Ego.
  • Good things happen to good people.
  • We live in a spiritual world with physical hurdles.
  • Learn to change your thoughts; Learn to change your life.
  • Be honest. Always.
  • If you are ready to lie about it, that means you need to talk about it.
  • Treat everyone as if you were to meet them again in the afterlife.
  • In the next 10 years, more than a thousand new people will meet you. Who do you want to be when you meet them?
  • Your happiness is not determined by your physical circumstances.
  • You can’t see your gifts because they are natural to you.
  • If you put someone on a pedestal, the only way they can look is down.
  • To improve your life by 80% over the next 12 months, experience the meditative state of living in the moment every day for 20 minutes.
  • Now is the time to decide how you feel on your deathbed.
  • You are barely a sand grain in the vastness of the universe.
  • Reward yourself regularly for trying to improve; what gets rewarded gets repeated.
  • True happiness is a passion.
  • Treat others as if they were you.
  • Watch a movie as if it was your last one.
  • One person is usually enough help you solve your problems.
  • Read every day, else you’re profoundly missing out.
  • Life is a 100% mind game.
  • Your personality creates your personal reality
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