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Should geniuses (IQ150+) even raise children, considering, that a regression to the statistical mean, most probably, would happen, they r...

Chris Langan has an IQ of 190. He outperforms Albert Einstein.

You would ask what contributions he brought to society?

He developed an idea called the “Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe.” He says it explainsexplains the connection between mind and reality, therefore the presence of cognition and universe in the same phrase"

That’s cool, I guess.

Here are some of his other contributions to society:

  • Suggesting that the U.S. would do better to admit African gorillas as refugees than African people.
  • Claiming that George Bush staged 9/11 to distract the public from learning about his Theory of the Universe.
  • Participates in neo-Nazi internet forums.
  • Thinks that Jordan Peterson is afraid of debating him because he’s far superior.
  • Protests against the academic establishment for not accepting his papers about his theory of everything.

My opinion is that people should forget about the term “IQ”. It says literally nothing about one’s capability to contribute to society.

Oh, did I mention he was just a bouncer?

There’s another Quotient that we should use instead.

The Emotional Quotient. EQ.

Sure, you can have a 200 IQ... But if your emotional Quotient is -200, you’re just a walking piece of meat on two legs.

People with half his IQ have contributed 100X more to society than him.

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[1] The Man With The World’s Highest IQ, Christopher Langan, Is Gaining A Following On The Far Right

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