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What is the best evening routine for improving sleep?

I thought: “Why is an evening routine effortful? Have I not found the right one?”

I stopped all routines and relied on my spontaneity to sleep.

I just wanted to avoid all efforts, because an evening routine had to calm me down, no?

But the result was that I became even more unproductive, lacked more sleep and wasted more time on social media.

I was even more unproductive & unhealthy than before.

This went on for months until I had no choice but to change my life.

I was in such a low point, that every area in my life started suffering.

After months of wasting time, there was only one guy to be held repsonsible for my lack of sleep.


And from this valley, I saw what needed improvement.

I recognized who I was and what caused it.

I used to…

  • watch TV or Social media until I fell asleep.
  • Wake up and go to sleep at different times, which confused my sleep rhythm.
  • Drink Coffee after 15:00, which has effects until you go to sleep at 22:00.
  • Make no efforts to tune down just before sleep.
  • Drink too little water.
  • Simply neglect the importance of sleep and settled for an average daily life as the result of my sleep insomnia.

I simply stayed awake too long. I’ve always looked to pour my energy somewhere, because I’m so extroverted. My weakness is being silent. My weakness is being introverted, which is required to wind down and sleep.

And I realized why I turned a blind eye to all of this.

I wasn’t ready to make any effort to improve my sleep.

We all already know ALL the things that improve sleep. Everything that could be said about sleep... HAS been said.

You know that wasting time on electronics before bed is bad.
You know that waking up at irregular times is bad.
You know that coffee in the evening disturbs your brain.

Yet you still do.

Because deep down you don’t want to improve your sleep routine…

You just want to feel like you’re improving, so you can feel better about your terrible sleep habits.

It’s like putting a band-aid on a lost leg.

The problem is something entirely different.

We try to fix it with enquiring about stuff like “What is the best Evening Routine for Millionaires” and “Top 5 Habits to tremendously increase your sleep performance.” or “What is the best evening routine for improving sleep?”

If I had just opened my eyes and been honest with myself, I would’ve known how to improve my sleep routine rightaway.

If I could go back and tell my younger self one thing, it would be this:

“You’re underestimating the importance of sleep and that’s why you don’t put any effort in it. You already know how to change it, but you’re lazy to change.”

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