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have read aloud

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What is the most beautiful thing you've seen or heard today?

My friend Amit asked me about a band I wore on my wrist.

He knew it is the band from a Club I went to the day before.

“Why you still wear it?”

“I want to save it as a souvenir.”

I have a bag where I collect different items throughout my life.

I still have my first plane ticket, a Lanyard from my first day of work and now this band too.

They serve as amazing reminders & souvenirs :)

“You are… good man.” he said in broken English.

I tried to find out what qualified me for him to say that.

Is it because I collect souvenirs like this? Does that makes me a good man?

I looked at him puzzled, but he was back in another conversation as if nothing happened.

Whatever the reason he said that, I still feel amazing about his compliment.

To him, it was his genuine opinion in a quick sentence.

For me, it made my day.

A little compassion goes a long way.

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