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Consumer Products and Services: What are the best purchases you have ever made?

Originally Answered: What is the best thing you ever bought?

I’ve always been a fan of buying things only when they genuinely improve my life. First, some honorable mentions:

Ambilight makes your TV’s colors gloom out in real time.
Some TV’s have it built-in, but they usually cost above 500$.
I bought an Ambilight LED-Strip from Amazon for 80$ and it does the same job. Never want to stop using it.

It makes remembering so much easier. I stuck things like letters or notes on it so I don’t forget them. Amazing productivity helper.

High-Quality Headphones (Skullcandy Crusher Evo)
Nothing is worse than crappy snares and thin bass. If you want to listen to music, make sure you get the right headphones. It’ll enhance your life so much on a regular basis, if you’re an avid listener.

Tongue Scraper
If you never used one of those things before… STOP RIGHT NOW.
Get a tongue scraper today and see how much nasty goo is stuck on your tongue every night.

A comfortable Bed
We spend a third of our lives in bed. For some of us it’s more like half our lives (Damn, so much???)
At least make sure your mattress doesn’t kill your back.
Chances are you’ll live longer with a better bed, because your neck and back won’t be so stressed. You can use your extra life time to lay in bed. (Wait, what?) Point is: There are no better investments than your health.

A Peeling Brush
This thing right here cost 20$ but saves me about 100$ a year.
“How? Does it print money?”

This brush replaces my body wash. I use it to rinse and scrub my body while showering instead of using a body wash. Yes, I don’t use body wash. For 3 months now.

You’d be surprised that the human body can 100% be cleaned with just water and scrubbing. The logic behind that is we evolved to water only cleaning. Body washes are inventions we use only the past 100 years.

This is me after buying a tiny cake. It’s easy to get used to what you buy everyday. Next time, make sure to savour your meal like you’d have no taste buds ever again. The best thing is you’re basically getting more out of your money, because it tastes better.

But, the best thing you can ever buy is…


Nothing beats a new experience in your life.

I was in Prague last weekend and I realized (again) how beautiful life is.
I was in a pretty bad spot the past months, and started looking for therapy.
Little did I know, that sometimes the best therapy is a new experience.

Thank you to my friends for all the beautiful moments we shared :)

And thank you for reading :) I hope you got something new out of this :)

Wish you the best!

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